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Veteran Resources

Veteran Resources

“Who would have ever guessed that when I left the Army as a Cavalry Scout that a hippie librarian would be showing me how to get a job in a casino!”

The following resources specifically focus on programs, opportunities, advice, and tools for veterans covering a wide range of topics.

General Resources:

  • VA Health Care Eligibility and Enrollment: Enrollment Calculator
    VA provides a Medical Benefits Package, a standard enhanced health benefits plan available to all enrolled veterans. This plan emphasizes preventive primary care that offers a full range of outpatient and inpatient services within VA health care system.
  • Veteran Information
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a number of resources for veterans, including those to help with homelessness, learn about FMLA for family of service members, find out about VA health care eligibility, find jobs, and much more.


Employment Resources:

  • Feds Hire Vets
    Feds Hire Vets is part of a recent initiative to help veterans find employment in the federal government. Provides information on the hiring process and how Veteran Preference works.
  • U.S. Department of Labor: VETS
    Provides resources and expertise to assist and prepare veterans in obtaining meaningful careers, maximize employment opportunities, and protecting employment rights.


Small Business Resources:

  • Patriot Express
    Offers streamlined and expedited loan procedures for active duty military personnel and veterans as well as extensive program and benefit information.


Education & Training Resources:

  • Troops to Teachers
    A US Department of Education and Department of Defense program that helps eligible military personnel begin a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are most needed.