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Hatch Your New Business with Help from an Incubator

Hatch Your New Business with Help from an Incubator

Did you know that the Tacoma area has its very own business incubator?  If you have not heard of business incubators, their purpose is to help mentor and grow new and existing small businesses.  Reading books from the library and doing research on the Job & Business Center computers is a great place to begin, but having access to knowledgeable people who can help mentor your business enterprise in the early stages will increase your chances of succeeding.

Business incubators can provide expert advice, training courses, and discussion groups, and also connect you to other entrepreneurs.  If your fledgling business needs to move up to a real office with staff and services, a business incubator can help with these as well.

The William Factory Small Business Incubator in Tacoma leases inexpensive facilities that include furnished office space with wireless Internet, firewall protection, and installation and use of licensed Microsoft professional software.  Support services are provided which include business assistance from attorneys and procurement specialists as well as technical support services from incubator staff and an IT engineer.

The William Factory Small Business Incubator is located at 1423 East 29th in Tacoma.  Contact them by phone: (253) 722-5800, fax: (253) 722-5801, or email:

There are also business incubators in Federal Way (South Sound Regional Business Incubator) and in Olympia (Thurston County Small Business Incubator).

Check their websites for training sessions that may interest you, and contact one of these business incubators to see if they can help you hatch your business!

- Vicki White, Librarian, South Hill Library

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