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Explore Optimal Resume

Explore Optimal Resume


Wait!  Don’t send off that resume and cover letter or head out to your next job interview until you explore Optimal Resume. In this tough economy it is not enough to have a so-so resume. Optimal Resume can help you build a resume to get you noticed. Not only will you find helpful hints and examples of resumes and letters but also the tools to separate you from the pack of other applicants.

With Optimal Resume you can create a website, a video resume, or a portfolio and post them for employers who are looking for someone with your top-notch skills and experience.

Virtual practice for your next interview is available in the Interview Prep section.  Choose the type of interview; Initial Face-to-Face, Panel, Final Interviews and more. Select the interviewer and how many questions you would like. Decide how you want to answer; with a microphone, webcam, written or no recording. Watch video of interviewers asking questions you can expect to hear during an interview.  A video coach explains what the interviewer is looking for in each question and gives tips and examples of how best to answer.  Practice aloud and you won’t find yourself stumbling over your words when nervousness creeps in during an actual interview. You won’t want to miss the section on “Inappropriate Questions” and how to answer tactfully and still land the job.

- Terri May, Librarian, Parkland/Spanaway Library

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