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JobNow: the Just-In-Time Resume Coach

JobNow: the Just-In-Time Resume Coach

I work with a lot of customers who have a resume that’s ten or fifteen years old that’s in need of some revamping. They often feel quite proud of this resume, as it successfully got them a job years ago. Unfortunately, yesterday’s resume might not impress today’s employers, and now they’re not having much luck with it. Are you focusing on the wrong things, are you using the wrong font? Are you too wordy or mentioning inconsequential details?

Sometimes all you need is someone to look over your shoulder and give you a few pointers. With JobNow, you can email your resume in to a resume coach and get corrections within 24 hours. You can do it from the privacy of home and make the changes at your own pace. Just visit our resumes page, select JobNow and enter your library card number and PIN. Don’t guess about what changes to make on your resume – ask the experts!

- Lydia Dawe, Adult Services Librarian

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