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Book Review: Job Search Bloopers

Book Review: Job Search Bloopers

Job Search Bloopers: Every Mistake You Can Make on the Road to Career Suicide…and How to Avoid Them by Laura DeCarlo and Susan Guarneri, Career Press, 2008.

Have you heard the one about the job seeker who…

Every manager and career counselor has a repertoire of groan-inducing, true stories about dreadful mistakes job seekers make. In Job Search Bloopers Laura DeCarlo and Susan Guarneri use those stories to guide job seekers around the pitfalls of the employment search. The cautionary tales range from submitting a resume littered with typos to bringing donuts to an interview at a weight-loss clinic (really, these are true stories!) The book goes well beyond simple storytelling about job seekers’ blunders. Each story is followed by an explanation of what went wrong in “Job Seeker’s Stumble,” and in “Job Seeker’s New Strategy” for doing it right. DeCarlo and Guarneri’s extensive experience in career consulting and resume writing is evident in the solid advice found throughout the book.

The book is arranged by each stage of the job search, from resume writing to negotiating salary with a potential employer. Read it straight through so you won’t miss a thing, or skip to the parts pertinent to your stage in the job hunt. However you approach the book, you will be sure to find valuable information on how to successfully land your next job.

Searching for a job is tough enough without sabotaging yourself along the way. Pick up a copy of Job Bloopers at one of Pierce County Library’s new Job and Business Centers, and avoid becoming another job seeker legend.

-Terri May, Adult Services Librarian

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