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Using This Website

Using This Website


Navigating the Site:

The best way to move between pages is via the main menu bar at the top of the page.  Clicking on most of the menu items will take you to a page that asks a number of simple questions to help determine what resources or information will be useful for your needs.  Clicking on the question you’re interested in will take you to a page describing resources for a specific topic.  Likewise, many of these specific topics will also appear as items in the drop-down menu that appears when your mouse pointer hovers over the main menu bar.


Often, posts or pages on this site appear in a somewhat shortened form.  To read the complete post or page, click on the title of the post or page.


If you’d like to search the full content of this site, simply enter your keywords in the search box near the top-right of the page and hit enter.

Featured Resources:

The sidebar to the right side of each page shows a number of logos for featured databases that Pierce County Library System provides access to.  Clicking on any of these logos will take you directly to the appropriate database.  Users using these databases outside of library branches may need their library card number and PIN number for access.

Viewing Blog Posts by Subject:

In the footer at the bottom of every Job and Business Center page is a drop down menu of available blog post subjects to view.  Click on the menu and click the subject you would like to view and a new page will open listing all of the posts within that subject.

Contacting Us:

If you’d like to send a message to Pierce County Library Job and Business Center staff, fill out the e-mail form on the Contact Page and click “Send”.  Job and Business Center staff will reply to the e-mail address or other contact information you supply at their earliest opportunity.

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